Winthrop * 50-130 Calstar Grafighter* Alutecnos Butt
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This is a video of one of our customers fishing with one of our stand up rods ..

PEI 900 lb Blue fin .. Enjoy

This rod is 5 foot 7 inches in length with the Alutecnos removable aluminum butt attached. It is powered with a 50-130lb Calstar Grafighter rod blank. 

This rod starts with the Alutecnos black and silver removable aluminum butt .. Along with being unique in the way it looks, this Alutecnos butt is built to the same exacting standards that is used in manufacturing there outstanding reels. We prefer it over the equivalent Aftco butt.

We used a 50-130 lb Calstar Grafighter rod blank for this rod. The stiffer action is a very good match for the 5 foot 7 inch length and the Winthrop Excel roller guides. The Winthrop guides are black with silver titanium rollers, the tip is a solid titanium tip with a titanium roller. These are the Winthrop Excel 80-130 lb roller guides. 

I believe i used the very best components available on this rod.

The rod is wrapped in black and a silver metallic thread with black and silver trim. It is a great match for the Alutecnos black butt with the silver hoods and nuts. Together it makes for and exceptional looking and functional rod.

The fore grip is our triangular shaped 13 in fore grip. I designed and had this grip manufactured exclusively for BaR-BaR Tackle. You'll find the design is easy to hold for long periods of time and it is a great help in eliminating the twisting and turning you  get when a conventional rod is under stress. I simply don't know any one that has tried the triangle shape grip and didn't like them

There isn't much i can tell you about the Winthrop Tool Excel roller guides, except they are the very best roller guides manufactured anywhere. The Excel Series of roller guides that are on this rod sport a new frame .. designed and developed from input by experienced rod builder and fisherman. Every roller guide frame is precision machined our of solid aluminum bar. There are no welds, seams or bends. And never a sharp edge. Ever roller guide incorporates titanium rollers riding on two stainless steel, Teflon sealed ball bearings. The bearings are marine greased and sealed to protect them from the elements. These guides have huge wind on opening ..large enough to accommodate a # 2 pencil. The largest on the market. The roller tip has a solid frame, machined out of a single block of titanium. 

Each guide is under wrapped in black thread then the guides are attached with 4 layers of C size black thread for maximum strength, then trimmed in silver.  

At BaR-BaR Tackle we have a pretty simple goal. We build every rod to be strong, durable, affordable and hard nosed. Rods to last you a life time. This is one of the nicest rod we've ever offered. 

This rod has a small fancy wrap between the first and second guides.

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 Don't let the beauty of this rod fool you, it is a very functional and exceptionally powerful rod. I also have a 50-80 lb version that will be on ebay in a few days .. it is wrapped the same with the same components. The blank will be the 50-80 Calstar Grafighter and the guides will be the Winthrop Excel in the 50-80 lb class. The butt will be the same as on this rod.  

These rods are built right here in the USA by BaR-BaR Tackle. If you are the winning bidder on this rod we will place you name or boats name on the rod at no additional charge.    

Note:  I have only one of these rods in stock at this time, once this rod is sold please allow 7-14 to build and ship.


 BaR-BaR Tackle  is and authorized Alutecnos Dealer  .. add a new Alutecnos Albacore or Gorilla reel to this rod and save some $$$ off the suggested retail price of the two items ..

Please write for combo pricing..

or pricing on any of the great Alutecnos products.

Put a new Alutecnous 50-80 two speed reel on this rod and you'd have a better then average shot at landing about any fish you'd ever want to be in a battle with.   


       The design and manufacturing process of Albacore reels stem from a collaborative effort involving all of the staff at Alutecnos. A commitment aimed not only at improving the technological  content, but  also at paying result is a  product  that stands out for aesthetic and technical aspects  with  outstanding attention to details. Such details include the  infinite "anti reverse"  system  applied  to trolling  reel for the first time. The frontal cam and lock release button for placing  the  automatically  rearming gear  lever  into  "free" or "full" mode.  Five  bearings  and gears made from tempered stainless steel guarantee further resistance from corrosion. The system  for  anchoring  the  reel to  the rod is robust and reliable using four anchor screws.  The  drag washer is made from  the latest  carbon  composite  and  is  appropriately  protected to ensure  smooth and consistent  use  during  the  most  intense battles,  the  occurrence of "stick-slip" is  virtually eliminated.  All of  the  aluminium parts  have  been  buffed ultrasonically cleaned,  polished  and  anodized  with a gold or silver finish. All  of the  parts have  been  machined  from  bars  using  CNC working  processes and are subjected to rigorous dimensional and quality control checks. Particular attention  is  paid  to processing cycles  and  the careful selection of the highest quality  of  raw  materials  and components available. The results in a  technically  perfect product.


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