Vintage 1966 Paul Detlefsen Art Print The Smithy Blacksmith Shop LARGE 4ft x 2ft
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Vintage Paul Detlefsen Art Print:  "The Smithy"LARGE:  4 FT x 2FT; Textured Paper; Ready for a Frame! This is one vintage 1966 print from Donald Art Co. Inc., N.Y. (No. 4776) of Paul Detlefsen's "The Smithy" painting.  This beautiful print features the scene at a blacksmith's:  a blacksmith hammering away at his work with a fire going behind him at his red brick blacksmith shop; a beautiful white horse harnessed out front next to a water pump; various tools, ropes, and barrells; a man in a straw hat and suspenders chatting with the blacksmith; a brown and white dog; an old man smiling at two blonde children (a boy with a red wagon and a girl with the sunlight casting a glow about their heads); a wagon wheel; a stone bridge in the background over water; a majestic old tree; and a brown horse pulling a black buggy carriage down a dirt road.  The blacksmith sign with a black stallion silhouette is at the top of the shop.Paul Detlefsen Prints are highly sought after, and I have found no instances of this 48" x 24" print currently for sale anywhere online! (click any image to view it full-sized in a new window)          The print is 48" (4 ft) wide x 24" (2 ft) tall.  On the bottom left in very small print it says " Donald Art Co. Inc. N.Y. No. 4776".  The middle says "The Smithy by Paul Detlefsen" in script.  There are a couple of very small wear marks at the bottom edge of the print as shown in the last photograph above (these were taken with a magnifying glass over the camera lens as the print is very small).  It was stored very well in a thick cardboard tube over the years, and is ready to be framed!There are a few creases on the left hand side, and a small 0.6 cm tear to that left edge: The piece is still in overall good condition with just minimal wear (as previously described).Paul Detlefsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1899.  He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and moved to Hollywood where he succeeded as an animator (he was nominated for an Academy Award for work on the 1944 film The Adventures of Mark Twain), worked for 20 years at the Warner Brothers studio, and later shifted to artwork.  In the late 1960s, it was estimated that 80% of all Americans had seen his work.  He painted all the way up until the last few months of his life, in 1986.Donald Art Co. Inc. was located in Port Chester, New York, and used to publish posters, lithographs, and artist prints, frequently including scenes from American history.  They are no longer in business or producing this piece.Don't wait...Bid!  I only have 1 of this item, and another one may not come up for sale for a long time!No reserve...on a great piece of Americana no longer being made!I will be happy to answer any questions that I can about this item :-)Be sure to check out my other auction items...I have one other Paul Detlefsen print, as well as vintage glassware, china, antique items, collectibles, and more! Shipping includes: Shipping Insurance ($1.80), Delivery Confirmation/Tracking ($0.19 in countries available), and expenses including careful packing/wrapping (in bubble wrap, tissue paper, and/or styrofoam peanuts; packing tape; box(es); ink & paper for shipping label and packing slip; etc.).  I pack my items very carefully to prevent any damage.  The cost listed for "Shipping" below the item's price includes this Handling Cost, which can vary depending on the weight, size, and fragility of the item. I am selling this item SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.  The seller has detailed above any noteable damage or defect to the item, if applicable.  If for some reason buyer is unhappy with the item upon receipt, a return will be accepted on this item within 7 days, less return S&H, provided the item is returned in the same condition it was purchased in (unless the item was damaged in the process of shipping--shipping insurance is included in the handling process when the item is shipped to the buyer, and the buyer is responsible for purchasing return shipping insurance if buyer wants to return the item). Although these items were kept in a separate, unused room in storage, they do come from a cigarette SMOKING home.  Please be aware in making your purchase that the items MAY or may not carry some aroma of smoke, and I am putting this disclaimer on all of my items so that the buyer is aware of this possibility.  Thank you.

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