Silvertone POWR SHIFTR - 139.151 - Battery Eliminator for Antique Tube Radios
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COMPLETELY "RECONDITIONED" This auction is for a very nice SILVERTONE "POWR SHIFTR" Chassis 139.151 Power supply for older battery operated tube radios requiring 1.5 volts and 90 volts DC. These are commonly called "Power Shifter", power supplies, power inverters, battery eliminators, etc.  There are other models out there called "GTC Model A" or "Perma-Power" which look similar and are basically the same electronically. This particular one I recently reconditioned electronically.  It works perfectly and I have been using this one on my test bench for the last couple of weeks, powering up my old "farm" radios that were originally battery operated.  The old capacitors were replaced, the old selenium rectifiers were replaced with modern components, and the power cord was replaced.

This Power Shifter still has the original paint.  I thought that it looked pretty good so I left it alone.

I have seen these with a inline switch in the power cord to turn it on and off, however, most of these that I have worked on did not come with one.  I have not seen any documentation showing that they came that way from the factory.  Switches on some of them may have been added by a radio or appliance service technician.  Your option here is to put this on a switched outlet, unplug it when not in use, or to install your own inline switch.  It is "on" when plugged in.  This one did not have a switch and it was restored to that condition.

Having one of these opens up a whole new world of radios that were originally battery operated sets -- radios which get overlooked otherwise because of the power requirements.  This is a must have item for collectors of antique radios!


For use with sets that have 4, 5, or 6 vacuum tubes.

Input:  110~120 volts AC, 50~60 Cycles, 5 watts.

Output:  1.4 volts DC @ 350 MA, 90 volts DC @ 13 MA.

Please note:  You must have a load on the supply to get these output voltage readings, the readings will be much higher when testing without a load (IE - when testing with a voltage meter). If you have been shopping around for one of these, you know what they have been going for, and what they are worth.  Sometimes you don't even know if you're getting one that works when you buy it.  This one does.  Bid with confidence.  I am so confident that you will be happy with this that you can return it within 2 weeks for a full refund or replacement (minus shipping costs).  Return shipping costs will have to be covered by you.

PLEASE look at the pictures carefully and ask questions if you have them! It will be packed very well and shipped in a new USPS medium size Priority Mail Flat Rate box.  If you want to see some of the other radios I have restored, you can view them by copying, pasting, and reconstructing the following link:


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