Purglas Surf Rod blank South Africa rare 400/4 shark
Current Bid: $ 225.00  

If you are looking at this blank, you know what it is. If you're unfamiliar, here goes:

What we have here is a Purglas Surf and Rock series carbon fiber surf rod blank model 400-4 which means unlimited line and unlimited lure. I got several of these a couple of years ago when I was building custom surf rods. I got out of that and just build my own personal rods now. The Purglas 400-4 is legendary for surf-shark fishing and also for those guys that need to sling tons of weight to fish below damns.

Both pieces measure 6'9" giving you a 13' 6' blank when attached but in reality due to the spigot type set up it'll be an inch or two longer.  If you opt. to add the South African style but/reel it is 1' 1" when mounted giving you a total of 14 ' 7 '.

The picture of me holding a completed rod is what they look like if built in conventional South African style where the handle and butt are glued into the bottom of the blank. The reel seat and reel are then behind the blank. This is done because the Purglas rod loads from butt to tip kinda like a fly rod. You have to learn how to cast it differently from American style surf rods. I am a fair caster and with some work I was sending 8 ounce surf sinkers and small mullets and stingrays out around 110 yards with an off the ground cast using an Accurate 665W. My rod has Fuji lowriders and I can go conventional or spinning. I don't do pendulum casting anymore after sending a 10 ounce sinker going about 80 mph about an inch over my head a few years back. I use mine for shark fishing from the shore but if you are in Florida, you could probably work Kings from shore. The rod I am holding is not for sale but used as a visual example.

I have fished a couple of these hard for close to four years and have landed shark up to 8 feet from shore with my rods not even sweating it. I loaded up 32 ounces of surf sinkers once and the rod was slinging them like they were 1/2 oz lures. These rods are the real deal. If you are an average caster and build this rod correctly, you will outcast a superior caster. Purglas is known as the only rod that in addition to superior casting ability, it can actually be used for serious fishing.

This rod is for the rod builder or the surf fisher that wants something different and that ACTUALLY can catch the big ones. If you don't build rods, you better have a competant rod builder that knows what he is doing and knows the philosophy behind Purglas blank construction and performance principles. If you're just going to slap some guides on it and some pretty thread, go get a Lamiglass. It took me awhile to dial in guide placement and learn the principles of how these rods perform.

What you get: one (1) 2 piece rod blank model 400-4.  If you want the graphite Fuji real seat/ wood and stainless butt you will have to throw in an additional $40.00, it is not included in the auction but shown as an example. Seems most Americans like to build these conventional which is fine I prefer the South African style.

The current rate for these Blanks in South Africa is 1552.00 South African Rand which today (13 MAR 2011) converts to $ 225.00, my starting price. That's not including shipping, customs, and the fact that they ain't going to sell you just one. Folks in Australia and the UK might sell just one but you got the same shipping/customs issues. When I was building these for people i was geting between 750-1000 depending on guides, reel seats, and other options. And I got that because they WORK!

I am in San Antonio, Texas ZIP 78236 and will ship UPS only because that is the only company that will ship something this long. I will try to set up a calculator.

I am heading to Florida to do some high school football coaching until November and will sacrifice one of the 5 blanks I have left to offset the cost of travel. The other four will stay with me until which time I build them for my own use. Maybe I'll run into you on the beach in Fort Lauderdale and you can check mine out albeit they have been fished hard and beat to death but still sling the 8 and bait with ease. I'll be the redneck in the old blue 1986 Toyota 4runner with TX plates. If I'm fishing big game from shore or Land Based Shark Fishing, It's Purglas, PERIOD!

There are 3 stickers on the blank. One says 'Quality Purglas Blank". Another says "Advanced HITEK Carbon Graphite" "The components of this exclusive rod are electrical conductors thus should not be used in electrical storms or near/under power lines" the last says "Care should be taken not to impact this rod onto other hard objects". There is a hand scratched serial number on the blank : "D04/11/08 TB" These blanks go through 9 (nine) QC checks prior to being accepted. Purglas in my mind are the best blanks for surf fishing PERIOD! This blank was built before the buyout in 2009.

Below I have included some links to Purglas data and the casting style I use with my Purglasrods to get out past the breakers.



ABC-S400-4 CQ 400/4 4.0 mtr R 1,432.00 R 1,552.00 R 1,672.00 (the red price is for the two-piece blank)






Video of some Purglas rods in action in Namibia, Africa:








OK, last day of the auction. for those watchers I'll drop the handle down to 25 making an even 250 if you want the handle. If it doesn't sell it'll go back into storage until 2012 when I can build it. I cannot explain how hard it is to get these pre-sell out Purglas blanks. Anyway, hope you catch the big ones!


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