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?During a survival situation, your ability to create fire, fish and hunt is essential. Efficiency and knowledge are your key tools when time is working against you. Put together your own kit to make primitive survival almost effortless and continue the tradition of seeking understanding from nature through these ancient wisdoms.?

Flint & Steel strikers were widely used through many eras. The designs varied just as widely to take on personal meaning and showed the variety of skills that blacksmiths possessed. In the later life of Flint & Steel fire lighting, many were manufactured in large quantities, although blacksmiths were still commissioned to forge unique individual more robust strikers that threw more sparks and were less likely to break.


This flint and steel striker is an Old World B. Blacksmiths in the past were commissioned to forge flint & steel strikers in resemblance to animals, fish and snakes being popular themes. This striker is not only beautiful enough to show your friends but also worth relying on to carry in your everyday kit. My flint & steel strikers are being used by those who practice primitive, survival or bushcraft as skills but are carried as an additional way to make fire in the packs of backpackers, hikers, campers, reenactors, and carried to modern war by those in the military. These make gifts to make the boy scouts of all ages in your life more than happy.


One specially heat treated Old World "B" Flint & Steel Strike-A-Light Striker    Your striker may very slightly from the one pictured, Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back.***

"I have a lifetime guarantee on my workmanship. I feel that pride in our unique skills and talents is a lost value in our modern culture and I stand behind my workmanship 100% with service or replacement."


All my fire steels are forged from only the best steel and I specially heat treat my strikers. I let it sit with only the striking surface in the quench and let the heat dissipate from the upper portion. After the upper portion has stopped glowing and turns black, I fully dunk it. This creates a surface that throws lots of huge sparks while leaving the gripping area less hardened for durability.




   I have many flints that that will work with the fire strikers I forge but I carefully choose flint that will best compliment your steel and spark test it against your striker so you can be assured that you get the best results when using this fire starting technique.

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