Kenwood KD 500 Turntable
Current Bid: $ 127.50  


The KD 550 is a model within the 500 series of manual turntables offered by Kenwood. The pictured SME 3009 llls tone arm and pickering cartridge is not included in this bid. The SME Tone arm and pickering cartridge is currently selling on ebay and  together makes a great combination. So, bid on all items.

The Kenwood KD-550 is a 2-speed, direct drive turntable featuring a stroboscope with lamp, fine speed adjusting control and free stop action dust cover.

 turntable in great shape, works fine turntable dust cover has some scratches from over the years. There is  a 1" hairline crack on the back edge in the middle of the dust coveroriginal owner I think even with shipping costs as they are it is worth i


Drive: direct-drive systemMotor: 8-pole 24 slot brushless DC servo motorPlatter: 30cm(12"), 1.5kg(3 lbs) aluminium alloy die-castSpeeds: 33.33 and 45rpmWow and flutter: less than 0.03% WRMSSignal to noise ratio: more than 60dBDimensions: 502(20") x 382(15") x 162(6")mmWeight: 15.5kg(34lbs)-this turntable is worth its wieght, it offers exceptionally low ressonance comparable to others costings 1000's of dollarsSales Pitch an exceptional turntable at an unbelievably low costa great value if you demand exceptional sound fidelity and or a collector of high quality vintage audio equipment 15 second video of turntable availableplease note: turntable is 34 lbs(rock) expensive to ship shipping cost to international destinations around the world has ranged from $160.00-$800.00. An average cost has been $400.00-500.00. 4-8 business days deliveryeven with the high cost to ship, you will not find such a great performer for the dollars spent.this turnable is rated for 110-120 volt ac 50 60 Hz power supply, international buyers with 220-240 volt would need a step down converter. $75.00 to $150.00 approximately. 

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