Heathkit W-5M
Current Bid: $ 242.50  

You are bidding on a Heathkit W-5M amplifier.  Here's the blow by blow description,  I've replaced the power transformer and placed it in the original tranny cover to maintain original appearance (talk about a pain in the ....and a whole lot of work! lol).  The transformer I used is a bit more robust and is not likely to melt down like the originals seem prone to.  Plate and screen voltages are within 5 volts of the spec sheet and current capabilities on all secondaries exceeds original specs by a healthy margin.  No worries there.  Several signal caps have been changed as the originals were all leaking.  The cathode bypass caps on the power tubes have been replaced.  All other electrolytics are original, there's no noise or hum issues now, but at some point you might wanna change them for reliability and peace of mind.  Tubes consist of a RCA 5R4, a pair of nearly new Sovtek 5881's and the original Sylvania 12AU7's.  The output transformer is the Peerless 16309.  Date codes on the choke and power tranny cover both read 138526,  mid '55.  The cosmetics, weeelll, she ain't gonna win a beauty contest, but not too bad overall.  The cage has a ding or two and the badge is only held on one side. There is no bottom cover.  The amp sounds surprisingly good and could possibly sound better with somemore tlc.  It was deader than a doornail when I got it and I had heard so many good things about that Peerless transformer, I just couldn't let her lye there,  I wanted to bring'er back to life and I did.  It's your turn now. lol  Feel free to ask questions, I'll answer what I can.  48 states only, paypal only, don't bid if ya' can't pay, as with all vintage electronics being sold as is, guaranteed not d.o.a.  Thanks for looking, good luck and happy bidding.

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