Carver C-1 Preamplifier
Current Bid: $ 250.00  

CARVER C-1 Preamplifier *** all Inputs and Outputs have been tested and work flawlessly  ***

The most versatile for the patented Sonic Hologram sound.  It has Hologram Injection Ratio and Separation controls for the Holographic sound.

Bob Carver built this model like a Abrams tank.  Solid steel cabinet with rack handles.  When all other companies were having their stuff made in Japan, Carver had his exceptional products made in USA where the company could monitor the manufacturing. 

Anyone would be pleased to own this model.  I wanted to keep it but financial concerns prevail. 

There are many more features to be described but I shall not bore casual lookers.  To find out what the C-1 can do look up the Carver C-1 manual on Google and you can download the manual free.

The unit is not pristine.  It had stuck on feet at one time but have since been removed.  There is scarring on the underside of the face plate that is not visible unless you turn it over. 

There are small scratches in other areas but not too noticeable.

Free Shipping!

I ship to lower 48 states only and will have it insured and packed with bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts. 

Please use Paypal.  

The reason I start bidding at $250 is they ( Carver) don't make these anymore and they will disappear sometime in the near future.

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