Carver AV-705X 5 Channel Power Amplifier THX Lucasfilm Home Theatre
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DVD movies use Dolby Digital (DD or AC-3) sound, which is full range in all five channels. "Lethal Weapon" was first on the list. This movie has plenty of firepower in the sound department, and the 705 was up to the challenge with crisp, clean sound, loud enough for any aficionado. "The Glimmer Man" is a modern, lots-of-explosions, but not-much-story, movie. It allowed us to pay attention to the picture and sound quality, without being distracted by anything interesting happening in the film. Again, the 705 pulled it off without a hitch. While "Lethal Weapon" was a bit bright . . . not harsh, just a little forward in the treble . . . "The Glimmer Man" was right on, indicating that movie sound tracks are a big variable, but the AV-705 reproduces them accurately, whether they are good or bad. "Courage Under Fire" has some outstanding special effects that rocked the room. No clipping could be heard. This amp just goes and goes. We cranked it up to levels just short of obscene, and the Carver maintained its composure. Large-scale sound effects can't carry a movie any more, but at least they keep you awake. Regular CDs and DTS CDs also gave us a very nice surround envelope. One DTS CD is a big thunderstorm, and those lightning bolts need lots of room in the amplifier power supply. No problem. There is no shortage of kick with the AV-705. The power steering is obviously at work here. The DTS demo disc (published by DTS) has the most demanding sound tracks we have ever found, and the 705 did not clip (audibly) once! THX certification requires that the power amplifier be used with no attenuation at the inputs. The 705 has small potentiometers for each amp module (no individual volume control pots on the 806), and the instruction manual states that, for THX operation, they are to be turned fully clockwise. For non-THX operation, we found a great use for the pots. We turned them all down about 20% and then set our balance controls on the receiver to 75 for all channels. Then we used the pink noise test tone through each channel and adjusted the pots so equal volume was perceived at the listening position. This equalized for the fact that the room is not completely sonic-symmetrical (furniture, walls, window, doorway, etc.). This made it much simpler to use the numerical status on the balance control from the Yamaha receiver for fine tuning each movie, since it was now completely pink-noise balanced at a readout of 75 for all channels (notwithstanding the lack of deep bass in the center and rear surrounds). The 705 is one of a few multi-channel amps with volume controls for each channel. Very handy feature! In summary, the Carver AV-705x Five Channel Amplifier has great sound and dynamics, low hum, adjustments for each channel volume, and is priced right. We consider it to be one of the best buys in home theater amplification. SPECS-  Carver Premiere AV-705x Five Channel Power Amplifier; Home theater amplifier; Five channels of amplification; THX Certified; 125 watts rms/ch into 8 Ohms, all channels driven, 20 Hz - 20 kHz; Frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz + 0 - 0.2 dB; Input impedance 50 kOhms; Damping factor 200; Sensitivity 1.0V rms for 100 w/ch output into 8 Ohms; THD

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