Carlson Contender Boat, Glastron Boat 14 foot Vintage Boat, Speed Boat
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1965 Carlson Contender 14.5 foot boat.   Vintage Speed Boat      Carlson Boats merged with Glastron after this boat was produced.                                                                       *I have the original 1965 900 short shaft for sale on ebay right now as well that it came rigged with.FYI++BOAT HULL AND TRAILER ONLY!  NO RIGGING NO MOTOR++As the huge print states this is only for the hull and trailer.The trailer is original to the boat.  Very solid and trails excellent.  I put on new bunks new tires and new wheel bearings and seals.  It is ready to pull anywhere in the USA. 1-7/8th ball.   I have trailered it HUNDREDS of miles to attend shows.  I pull it with a 4 cyl car.   This boat was at Tomahawk AOMCI meet last year.As for the boat:  Cosmetically its about a 2 out of 10 stars.   Structurally is about a 9 out of 10 stars.I made this boat a center steer.  I have the seat box and other seat if you choose to glass it in to original state.While I was making center steer I fixed some minor wood issues under the tanks and added small knee braces.    The whole floor received 1 more layup of glass then painted.This boat has achieved 80.9 MPH with a 150 hp inline 6.  If you know inlines and fast vintage boats then probably you have seen this boat on the net.   It has a following.  Type Carlson Contender in youtube.  I have 5 or 6 videos of it with various motors over the years.   Carlson originally had wedges built at the rear of the hull to lift and break free the rear of the boat and help keep the nose down at speed.   I removed them thinking I could gain more speed, but learned they are needed for this hull design.  I actually raised the wedges up double in size to original to get my best performance.  They may look weird but they are there by design and make this boat haul.  The boat registration HP is BLANK.  Some of these hulls were considered competition hulls.  I have never seen a HP sticker on this boat.  Nor does the registration list one.    Originally they were rigged with 75-90 hp motors.  I would want at a minimum 65 hp on up to 150 if your experienced in fast boats.   Ive run a 900, 1100 1250 and a 1500 on it so far.  This boat is capable of more than 80.9 mph if a LWPU unit was used. Now I am no painter.   This hull needs someone that has time to sand it all out and paint it.   It can be run as is, but as stated before its not pretty.    I ran the boat last week its solid and I trust it at over 80 mph.WHY AM I SELLING YOU ASK?   I have a vintage tunnel race boat from a well known racer that I need to start working on this winter and this Carlson is in my way.  I dont need two go fast boats.   So this one will hit the road. AS IS.  LOCAL PICK UP ONLY.  Email and ask questions.  Ask lots, I like to talk about this boat.    I have lots of videos on youtube if you want to see this boat in action.  Thank you,

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