Brand New Lionel 6-37146 Legacy Power Master
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      This is a Brand New Lionel 6-37146 Legacy Power Master , add this to Your Model Railroad Layout Today..

Lionel's LEGACY PowerMaster provides superior AC track-voltage control for your command-equipped layout Use it with any Lionel remote to remotely adjust track power from a Lionel PowerHouse or other external AC transformer (sold separately). Now, run conventional engines and fine-tune your command-equipped locomotives, lighting and accessories with precision. The LEGACY PowerMaster allows for 32, 120, or 200-speed step AC voltage control. Lightning-fast over-current protection trips the PowerMaster's internal breaker before those of the power transformer, safe-guarding your locomotive electronics and layout wiring. Then the PowerMaster lets you restore track power from your remote. Stop searching for tripped breakers hidden under your layout! Product Features:

Works with all Lionel Command Remotes Control conventional locomotives remotely; control speed, direction, whistle/horn, and bell Vary track power to fine-tune lighting, accessories, and command-equipped engines Remotely restore power after shorts Controls up to 180 watts of external power Receive commands wirelessly, no serial cable required Use one LEGACY PowerMaster per track loop to operate conventional locomotives independently Control one or more powered accessories as a group Split your yard into separate power blocks with additional LEGACY PowerMasters Thank you for looking Trains on Tracks LLC


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