Antique hand carved North wind face rocking chair victorian
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North Wind Face Rocking Chair

The attention to detail in this hand carved chair back indicates the talent from a skilled craftsman and creative design from the artist. The "North Wind Face" was a popular furniture design found during the late 1800's into the early 1900's. This chair's striking red color comes from a water base mahogany dye stain which was applied into the birch wood used to construct this beautiful rocker.

This chair is the top notch! There are a few raw rubs on the wood but no major scratches or chips anywhere on the chair. It will be a easy touch up job for the buyer to put a little red stain into the raw areas however we did not want to do this ourselves as we wanted to leave this as original as possible.

**NOTE** We are going to be upholstering the chair! We will doing a few adjustments to the seat springs/cushions but we are leaving this chair as ORIGINAL as possible. We are simply going to straiten out the seat base and upholster the seat in a clean but simple fabric just for aesthetic purposes. If you the buyer have a preference of fabric we will be happy to re upholster the seat in YOUR choice of fabric. Nothing will be taken off the price for the un-upholstered rocker since it is a small amount of fabric/work to be done to balance out the seat base. The value comes from the antique chair itself.


From the top of the chair to the floor measures 44"

From the top of the chair to the seat base 30"

Carved face back is 21 1/4" width by 10 1/4 height

Seat dimensions are 19" width by 21" depth.

Length of the arms are 21" 

rocker bows 31.5"


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