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FROM ESTATE: Vintage & a classic, outstanding VOIT / AMF 12" SS DIVE KNIFE+ SHEATH, still in very good overall condition, composed of a dagger style, stainless steel blade of 7 1/4" OAL with line hook at center on 3/16th inch thick spine, equipped with HD black ABS handle and SS pommel, as well as black poly sheath & leg straps, dating from back in the late 1970s era we'd guess. Classic Voit / AMF Dive Knife is still in excellent overall condition with blade marked in 1" to 6" intervals on left side, and the hilt clearly marked: "AMF" ... "SWIMASTER" ... "STAINLESS" on right. The black poly sheath is also carrying the old "VOIT" ... "SWIMASTER" ... "Made In U.S.A." circular logo at center. Missing the rubber pommel loop at top of sheath (easily replaced) but still has the original factory leg straps with chromed brass buckles (slightly corroded / easily replaced as well) but is overall in superior condition still, and this vintage beauty is ready-to-go when you are. The hard, black plastic grip is checkered for secure grip and the full tang, stainless steel blade features a hollow ground edge of about 1/2" depth full length on lower side, and from about forward 1/3 to tip on top, with upper portion flat & solid but for the line / wire hook at spine. Blade is sharply dagger pointed and appears to have been little, if ever, actually used underwater. The full tang blade runs completely through the handle, and fits perfectly & securely into the well marked, black poly sheath with lock notches at opening to grip the guards & slots to drain water. The tap at top would normally hold the (gone missing) pommel loop of course. Blade unlocks from sheath via thumb pressure outward on handle when loop is not over the pommel, but knife is otherwise quite secure at any angle. Handle is deeply annulated & checkered in panels for secure grip in the hand when underwater of course, and measures about 7 1/4" long by approx. 1 1/4" wide and is about 3/16" inch in thickness. Sheath measures approx. 13 1/4" high by about 3/4" in thickness in blade area. Condition is excellent overall, though you'll need to get a pommel loop prior to diving, and probably new straps if you intend to dive with this beauty. Flat end of grip at pommel is of solid stainless steel, designed for hammering or crushing when used underwater, and the side scale is for measuring abalone, lobsters, crabs, etc. Though obviously never much used underwater, the polished stainless steel blade surfaces have taken on a few sceatches & dulled patina from age and light use long ago ... but that's about it! Of best quality stainless steel back in the day, this classic VOIT / AMF 12" Dive Knife & Sheath has stood the test of time already, and has another lifetime to go. Actual weight of this Knife & Sheath is approx. fifteen (15) ounces, just as shown here.(See Photos) Recently purchased at Estate, this vintage AMF Dive Knife was in among a small lot of dive gear which we purchased. We were very pleased to have acquired this vintage Dive Knife & Sheath in this fine condition in among the lot of course ... as we know you will be too! Missing one of these vintage Voit/ AMF Dive Knives from your private gear or vintage display area? Still prefer the SS Dive Knives with serious blades from back when to the wimpy, brightly colored cheapo types with cheap steel & safety points sold at the shops these days? Well look no further 'cause this is the real deal, still in very good overall condition, for the astute buyer or serious old school diver. They haven't made 'em like this robust Voit / AMF Sheath Knife in decades now ... so it's really a no-brainer. Vintage & a classic, outstanding quality 12" SS DIVE KNIFE+ SHEATH from back in the 1970s era (exactly as shown) is hereby offered to divers, collectors, and other interested parties. Get it while you can ...      

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