1980 88 CARB KIT ROCH Q-JET CHEVY 305 307 350 ENGINE
Current Bid: $ 17.95  

1980 88 CARBURETOR KIT ROCHESTER Q-JET CHEVROLET 305" 307" &  350"  ENGINES Click to Enlarge UP FOR SALE IS THIS ALL NEW 1980 88 CARBURETOR KIT FOR CHEVROLET  PRODUCTS WITH A 305, 307 OR 350 V8 ENGINE AND ANY ONE OF THE FOLLOWING ROCHESTER Q-JETS: 17059320, 17059322, 17080502, 17080504, 17080516, 17080517, 17081202, 17081203, 17081204, 17081207, 17081216, 17081217, 17081218, 17081219, 17081222, 17081224, 17081228, 17082202, 17082203, 17082204, 17082207, 17082216, 17082218, 17083204, 17083205, 17083206, 17083207, 17083218, 17084201, 17084205, 17084208, 17084209, 17084210, 17085202, 17085203, 17085204, 17085207, 17085218, 17086003, 17086004, 17086005, 17086006, 17086040, 17087129, 17087130, 17087132, 17087133, 17087306, 17088152 . SELLS FOR $24+ ELSEWHERE! HAS ALL THE GASKETS NEEDED, ACCELERATOR PUMP, DIAPHRAGMS AND NEEDLES & SEATS! SHPG $5.95 POST OFFICE IN THE CONTINENTAL US 151045 5493B MULTI Before the Auction Ends... Questions are always welcome, by email or by phone at (708) 458-2500 ext #20. I try to answer all emails and calls (even hundreds a week!) but I am out of town on and off, so please try to inquire early on in the auction if you have a question. Remember: there is no stupid question except the one that isn't asked. After the Auction: If you have a question about the item or shipment after payment has been made, you must send your name, zip code, and auction number to track the sale and shipment. Also, if an auction is unsuccessful I always welcome an email -- but remember that eBay will not transfer the auction number or description in the header so you must include these on your own. Payment: Upon completion of the auction, the successful bidder will be sent a notice with a payment total and other information. Paypal and Visa/Mastercard are accepted. Shipping: If you win several auctions, they may be combined to save shipping costs. Shipments outside the continental U.S. normally require additional shipping charges -- so please let me know if you are from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, or anywhere else in the world in your first email to me along with your shipping preference. The Post Office is the most economical option for shipping outside the continental U.S., but has a few disadvantages: it is slower, there is virtually no tracking, and it has been known to lose things. UPS is faster and has great tracking (which is why we normally use them) but it is more costly. Overseas orders can take a long time for delivery, so those customers must be patient. Overseas customers are always welcome, and I can accept Visa/Mastercard to help expedite the process for them. To our Canadian friends: we ship north or south of the border on request, mark everything antique parts, and have some customers who clear customs themselves... or advise if you have any other special requests. Shipping to Canada via the Post Office can take a long time, especially on heavier packages. Customer Service Goals & Satisfaction: I want to make you happy and will do everything I can to do it. I try my best to describe everything as accurately as possible, but mistakes do happen at times. But I stand behind what I sell, and will make it right or offer a refund.

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