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 For sale is this very nice Jotul model 404 wood cook stove. If you're looking at this auction, you likely know that this is a very, very rare woodstove. All cast iron, not warped or cracked anywhere. I bought the stove in 2010. This one sat since new in the back of a store that used to be a jotul dealer. Someone ran into it with a shopping cart and dented the chrome bar across the front and broke two of the three door knobs. I'm having the knobs made on a lathe and will be just like the originals. I've used this stove a hand full of times and it makes the best food I've ever eaten. Comes with original manual and ash rake. This stove will only increase in value and is possibly the rarest stove Jotul ever made.... HERE IS YOUR CHANCE.I'VE DECIDED TO ALLOW SHIPPING FOR THIS STOVE.THE STOVE WEIGHS AROUND 240LBS. BUT THE LEGS, DOORS AND BURN PLATES ARE REMOVABLE TO SHIP SEPARATE. WITHOUT THE LEGS THE STOVE IS 24.5" WIDE BY 15" TALL BY 19" DEEP. IT PROBABLY WEIGHS 200LBS. WITHOUT LEGS, DOORS, AND PLATES. I DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHAT IT WOULD COST TO SHIP.SHIPPING WILL BE SET UP BY THE BUYER. THERE WILL BE A $100.00 PACKAGING FEE AND TO COVER FUEL COSTS TO DRIVE IT TO THE FREIGHT COMPANY. IF THE FREIGHT COMPANY OF YOUR CHOICE COMES HERE THEN I'LL KNOCK OFF $20.00 FOR FUEL.HAVE MORE PICS UPON REQUEST.ANY ?'s JUST ASK.SELLING TO LOWER 48 U.S.APAYMENT DUE WITHIN 3 DAYS OF AUCTION END BY PAYPAL OR CASH AT TIME OF PICKUP.

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