Here you can review the 201 Walkaround boat. View the specifications on the boat including size, beam, draft, fuel capacity, and weight. Read real opinions and reviews from other 201 Walkaround owners.

LOA Beam Draft Fuel Capacity Weight Maximum HP
20'2" 8" 12" 70 Gal

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Number of Reviews: 29
Average Rating: 3.62068965517

Rating -
Reviewed on May 24, 2014 by L Roberts from Deer Island, NB Canada

2000 22' Walk

I bought my boat in MA last May. After one year of use, I must say this is nothing short of a great boat. I wish it had a 4 stroke for fuel economy- but nothing about boating is economical, right? I would like to add a hard top at some point. This boat handles well, no water issues or blistering of paint or delamination. Being in the Bay of Fundy with a boat manufactured in Florida is a good quality assurance test. Boats up here are used for lobstering and seining weirs, not pleasure. The waters are quite cold, the conditions can change in a heartbeat. Can't wait to launch her tomorrow

Rating -
Reviewed on Mar 03, 2014 by art from texas

Love my Boat

I have a pro line 21 sport walk. I have never had a problem with it. it's solid and handles well in the open water. I do recommend trim tabs but other than that I love it!

Rating -
Reviewed on Sep 21, 2012 by Tom S from Amityville

22 ft w/a 200 hp mercury 2000

Boat great Engine has now seized 3 times, now no compression in 2 cylinders

Rating -
Reviewed on Mar 13, 2012 by Richard Riemer from Wiscosnin

1998 ProLine 201 WA

I LOVE IT! Love my Pro Line! My "girl" is 14 years old now, and is the easiest boat to maintain. It fishes great and is so adaptable to both Great Lakes fishing and smaller lakes fishing. I feel safe on her, and she has never failed me. My only wish is that I had a 4 stroke instead of the 150 Mercury I have. Would Definitively go Pro Line again.

Rating -
Reviewed on Mar 10, 2012 by jerry from ct

2005 proline wa

great boat

Rating -
Reviewed on Jan 20, 2012 by d parsons from qld

proline 201

I have a 1998 201 WA 6.1mtr stern drive i have owned the boat for 1 year now and have not hade any problem yet i was thinking of putting trim tabs on can anyone suggest if it will help the ride as with 265 ltrs of fuel and sterndrive she sits a bit nose high?

Rating -
Reviewed on Sep 05, 2011 by Mike Lonergan from North sea Southampton, NY

Great Boat!!!!

I love my 2003 20' walk Pro line.....I put about 50 hours a year on has never failed me. it still looks brand new!!!!!

Rating -
Reviewed on Jul 20, 2011 by Jim from Ocean City MD

Happy Family

2004 20 walk, 150 Saltwater mercury, My wife and 8 year old take all our visiting friends out fishing, tubing, and just cruising. Everyone who steps on the boat loves it and thinks its new. We could not be happier for the money invested. Layout and performance is great.

Rating -
Reviewed on Feb 22, 2011 by Bob Graves from Houston, TX

Pro Line

Pleased with my Pro Line purchase. Good boat. Good value.

Rating -
Reviewed on Jan 26, 2011 by JOHN from BUZZARDS BAY



Rating -
Reviewed on Jan 26, 2011 by JOHN from BUZZARDS BAY



Rating -
Reviewed on Jun 26, 2010 by Tom from Tiverton RI

1996 Pro Line 201 WA Homest review

I have a 201 WA. Johnson 150. I use it in the RI Sound,Sakonnet and all over the bay. I went out to Elbow Ledge today. Boat is very solid. No issues with it, It get s used twice week May-0ct. So far I have replaced the stereo and had to use some silicon around the hatch. I would recommend this boat.

Rating -
Reviewed on Mar 08, 2010 by Matt from Clearwater FL

Prolinw 22 WALK

Had this 2003 Proline walk for 2 years now. Good boat and layout so far only ~215 hrs on the engine. But I have a strong warning for all of you Proline owners out there. Check your ports on your boat. I have 4 near the water line and two ports for the icebox and live well. All seals on the ports were poor at best. If I ran the live well I put water in my hull. If I got into heavy chop I got water into my hull. Oh and the floor drains would leak into the hull. If that water sits for a long time you will see gel coat blister or floors delaminate. So for all of you Proline owners that do not have problems yet I would at a minimum go and check all of your ports throughout your boat! I just spent the past two weekends 5200 all of those ports. Well worth the time. Hoping not to have any water come out the hull when I pull it out of the water. Hope this helps but really go and check your ports and their seals! Oh and I wish I did not have the Merc 200 I would go with the 225. I dive and carry lots of heavy equipment. The 225 would help in heavy seas.

Rating -
Reviewed on Dec 12, 2009 by Dan Bowers from North Carolina

1996 Pro Line 21 Walk Around

I bought a used 21' Pro Line here in North Carolina. It has a 1996 Johnson 150 Oceanrunner on it. We have been 50 and 60 miles out to the Gulf Stream on numerous occasions with NO problems. We get it serviced with new plugs etc anually, have all safety equip and take off. The hull take the waves and swells with ease. We go our of Hatteras and Oregon Inlet and also out to Frying Pan. Love the boat. Considering a 4 stoke but mainly for the fuel econ. If and when I replace it, will definately go Pro Line again. Hope this helps. I am sure even the Grady White has the occasional lemon... Take care of what you got !!!!

Rating -
Reviewed on Aug 12, 2009 by Mike Lonergan from Southampton, New York

Still runs well!!!!

Still have my proline 2003 20ft walk...never a problem with the boat...had some isues with my Mercury engine year 3 but nolthing since..handles well...recently installed trim tabs...helps a lot!!! Hard top is the only way to go!!!!

Rating -
Reviewed on May 29, 2009 by AG from Huntington

Pro Line 201 Walk

I have read good and bad about these boats. The biggest selling point for me on this boat was the spacious cuddy compared to other 20' walkarounds. The 201 is a deep V with plenty of cockpit room for 4-5 passengers. My madan voyage was to milford this past weekend in heavy seas. battling 4 footers with an occasional 6 foot roller. The boat handled great blasting through them at about 14-16 miles an hour. Other 25' foot boats in our fleet could only muster 10mph tops and werent making very good headway. This boat although 13 years old held up great and i have very little complaints about it. I am looking forward to many trips out on the water with it.

Rating -
Reviewed on May 25, 2009 by william ingersoll from hamilton ga

just bought

just bought a 1985 21' walk around cuddy with a 150 mecury. when i seen i had already made up my mind to buy it. runs and looks great, looking forward to reading more reviews.

Rating -
Reviewed on May 05, 2009 by Larry from Orlando, FL

2005 21 Walk

I've had my boat for a year, I bought it used and haven't had any problems. Runs good into 2-3 foot chop, I've had it 20 miles offshore and in 2 foot of water and it fishes well in both environements. I would suggest getting trim tabs becasue of issues with listing in certain conditions. I've also had issues with decals peeling on my merc outboard but I don't blame that on Proline. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

Rating -
Reviewed on Apr 14, 2009 by Happy Proline Customer from VA

This boat is great

We have a 201 and the thing is great. No problems period. Sorry for others issues but any manufacture will create a bad apple every now and then, and there are also those customers who will never be satisfied. Little issues can become severe in the owners head. We have enjoyed this boat on the coast and in the lake and certainly would do it all over again if given the choice.

Rating -
Reviewed on Feb 10, 2009 by OJ from Tampa

I love my Pro Line

Sorry but I love my Pro Line, we have never EVER had a problem with our 20' walk Pro Line

Rating -
Reviewed on Dec 27, 2008 by Scott from New England

240 center console

Love my boat. 240 center console couldnt be better. All these complaints about bottom paint etc sound like bad prep to me. I have had great customer service from proline even thought my boat is a 98. This boat gives outstanding features for the price. All my offshore fishing pals are jealous over what they spent to get less performance and space. Great brand.

Rating -
Reviewed on Mar 23, 2008 by Joey from New Orleans

2000 20' WA No Problem Here

2nd owner of 20'WA. Use for ski and fish, family and I use and enjoy it as much as possible. Good all around family boat.

Rating -
Reviewed on Mar 01, 2008 by Charlie from Patchogue, NY

sorry but i love my proline

Grew up boating/fishing with the family on Mako's. Currently have an 04 Proline 21 walk around with Merc 150 optimax DFI. One of the best deals on the market. Came with smartcraft controls, hydraulic steering, hardtop, tabs, satellite radio, combo GPS, lots of storage, easy access to bilge/batteries/wiring from the factory. I really love this boat. Goes a little more than 40mph, but at 28-30mph I get almost 5 mpg! When gas is $4-5/gallon, that means alot. Not a single problem, handles great for a 21' boat. 8.5' beam provides plenty of space and is well laid out. Get complements from passerbys all the time. The neatest part is that I'm on the water hanging out at my favorite spots, fishing, tubing/skiing, for practically half of what others in a similar size boat are paying. I've heard similar experiences from other Proline OWNERS I've run into. Guess it's our little secret in an industry where status and branding is so important.

Rating -
Reviewed on Nov 10, 2007 by Kim from Stuart.Fl

2003 23' Center console

We also are owners of a pro line a 23' center console have had the boat since it was new. We now have a bottom full of blisters on this boat after all the proper steps were followed in the bottom paint process. Now of course we are fighting with them over warranty. The responses from the factory has mot started well. We would not ever buy another pro line.

Rating -
Reviewed on Feb 20, 2007 by Forewarned from Tampa Fl

Thanks for the heads up!!

This is the type of info we need as boaters to make informed decisions about the brand of boats we spend (large amounts) of our hard earned dollars on.

Rating -
Reviewed on Feb 10, 2007 by Stan Blake from Melbourne Fl

Thank you for your input

I was looking this weekend at a ProLine boat, , I guess I won't be dealing with the dealer here on a PoorLine. (Pro Line) Thanks for saving me a lot of grief.

Rating -
Reviewed on Feb 09, 2007 by GUY SUING PROLINE from everywhere


If anyone on this site has had problems with their proline boats - preferably in the 2950 walk model or the 30 walk model - I am currently suing the manufacturer and would like to involve others in this suit. Please contact me at gmugnier@hotmail and I will get further info from you regarding this..

Rating -
Reviewed on Jan 17, 2007 by Dusky Mike from Stuart

Right on

Had a 20 CC and the entire floor delaminated! BTW had an Optimax with 100 hrs and it blew the powerhead. Then repaced it (only paid for the install) and blew the second one with only 30 hrs!

Rating -
Reviewed on Jan 11, 2007 by ANTHONY SARTORI from merritt island fl


I have 2prolines a 2001 20 walk and a 2005 29'c/c both boats are junk . wish I never had bought them. People at proline are very rude and don't live up to what they claim, rported this to many sources and still know results contacted the CEO and this is the letter he returned me. mr. satori. i have seen ur correspondence and perhaps u noticed i was copied on r responses. i have discussed ur issues w/j.walker several times at length. i agree w/his position. u dont have any warranty, yet we continue to offer substantial repairs to ur boat. bring to the factory or a dealer and we will do what we say even though u rnt entitled. as for the rest: stop clogging my email and other proline employess with ur improper complaints. stop threatening us w/ the dire consequences u will cause. and fair warning ur comments and actions r beginning to rise to a level where we can and will seek substantial damages from ur purposely inaccurate and misleading statements.u think u have cost us sales. then perhaps u should check w/ur counsel regarding ur liability. do us all a favor. sell ur boat and visit ur particular brand of self importance on another builder. we niether need nor want ur business. -----Original Message----- From: anthony sartori [] Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2006 8:44 AM To: Subject: proline boats Mr. Kimmel, You have never answered back any of my e-mails. reguarding a 2005 29'proline c/c ... I have had nothing but major issues with the boat. your people up at proline, have had a very poor response to all the problems , have accused me of abusing the boat,[along with 9 other customers of proline with the same issues]. Something is very wrong with your manufactoring practices. since this all has happened ,i have been in contact with many proline users and many experience the same problems and experiences with your proline staff.. I did everything they asked and when it come down to it they honored nothing they said. we as a fishing community are in the process of getting a lemon law passed for boats, the lawyer's have drawn up a pettition... I'm sure many people will sign it , what ever it cost I will pay...i have lost so much money on the c/c that a few more thousand shouldn't be an issue. you see money never was an issue, but customer care was, quality was, and respect was, but none was offered.. you as ceo , should really look at your proline management.. this I'm sure this will get pretty ugly for proline, when it makes the news and is all published, it has already been bad for proline ,just in the forums, you have, as i know lost 7 boat sales.I have all the surveys of the boat , the coast guards opinion,all the local capts, the estimates, that your people sent me out for... This has all been a mess, with John Walker being the leader of the mess... I have never heard from you or anyone else from the company who is willing to work on the problem with my boat, Walker sent me a letter saying how I used the boat commercially and he was doing me a favor by working on it , but at my cost and time.NOT ADDRESSING the real issue of the boat being a peice of crap and broken, never being used commercially for the first 200 hrs, it was showing all the problems at 50 hrs.. just look at the estimates from performance fiberglass from last year... Please e-mail me back, so I atleast I have your opinion on the subject VERY SINCERE, ANTHONY SARTORI it has been nothing , but a nightmare dealing with them.they have the worst management I have ever seen.. ZERO STAR RATING ...

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