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    Default Swivel Adapter for Rod Holder

    Has anyone used the swivel insert to convert a fixed rod holder to a swivel rod holder, specifically for deep dropping?

    Here is a link:

    I have plenty of rod holders, but they are all fixed. I hate to spend $150 for a swivel base holder if this will do the same for $60. Not to mention, I can simply pull out the swivel and have an instant fixed holder, or place the swivel in any fixed rod holder on the boat. Lot of flexibility.

    My concern is the bent butt on my Crowder deep drop rod will not properly seat with a 1.5 inch swivel adapter sitting in the bottom of the holder. If this is the case, the risk of losing a deep drop rig in the drink goes up.


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    We used to use golf balls, cheap and effective. Use a tether tied onto something strong just in case.

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    TJ- I have used them they work great! ; on the ones i used they fit great got them from( finest kind tackle) a while back good luck!

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    I sell these and they are great! I highly recommend them since first using them. They are rated for 130# class tackle and there is an adjustment to loosen or tighten the force needed to make it swivel.

    Great way to save money IMO.


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    Default Swivel Base Rod Holder inserts

    These work just as good as the others. Only difference is the angle of the rod holder.

    With new 90 degree rod holders, the bent butt rods are at the correct angle to swivel in all directions. With the 30 degree holders, your rod cannot swivel in a flat plane.

    I have used both for 10+ years with no problem with either.

    Capt. Art

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