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LOA Beam Draft Fuel Capacity Weight Maximum HP
26'1" 8'0" 2'2" 5,500lbs

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Rating -
Reviewed on Aug 02, 2013 by Kaptin Krazy from Comox B.C.

Bayliner 2670 Explorer 1981 (Gas vs diesel)

There are 3 in my area, I have the 120 volvo gas and "old jack " has a diesel, the 3rd is for sale (ex fishin charter boat). They are the hard top model with the Alaskan bulkhead and canvas back, great for year round cruisen up hear, now I' ve had mine for 6 years and "old Jack " has had his diesel over 10 + years. The diesel burns less than the gas engine, but both are very economical in fuel, around 1gph @ 7knots, (the boats designed hull speed). Ok diesel smells and is noisey, but not as flamable, the gas engine has more maintenance and no choke for cold starting, but they both push the boat with no phus and yes they wanders a bit at it's slow speed but a body or two in the bow helps, or over sized trim tabs help like "old Jack " has. Well what can I say, I have learned a great deal about family boating, (likes and dislikes), and not spent much $ doing so, a great pocket trawler that is so easy to maintane, can sleep 6 for a weekend and feel safe. O ya had it dewn 17knots in 40 kt wind and 10 ft. sea, wife's ok but wants a bigger boat if I'm goin too do krazy things like that again. ;> Thanx KK

Rating -
Reviewed on May 29, 2013 by Jerry from Muskegon,Mi

1981 Bayliner Explorer fishing boat

I have a 1981 Bayliner Explorer 26' in good shape for sale. I just put new batteries in it 4/13 it has 2 VHF radios and auto pilot and GPS and 2 fish finders. It also has 3 Cannon Digitrol electric down riggers. A microwave a small fridge, and a tandem trailer. I'm asking $12,000. Email me at

Rating -
Reviewed on Aug 08, 2011 by Ryan from WA

23' Explorer

I have a 23' Explorer, 16-17 knots at cruise and 21.6 at WOT with the 4-cylinder AQ120B. I'm using a 15-1/2x13 prop, have a pair of house batteries mounted in the v-berth, and keep the water tank full. It makes the boat ride and handle much better all around. Slow down to 10-12 kts and following sea's or seas at the beam aren't as bad as when "up". These are not planning hulls, but semi-displacement. Great crappy weather boat for the PNW. At the age, gotta watch for Rot. Not so much for bad construction, but these are pushing 30 years old and wood is wood. Will fix when I have issues, worth the effort.

Rating -
Reviewed on Dec 11, 2009 by Fred Straw from Vancouver Island BC

Bayliner 2670 for sale

2670 Bayliner for sale. Inquire

Rating -
Reviewed on Dec 01, 2009 by daniel from miami florida

bayliner explorer 2670 1981

steering problem can be imprube adding weight in front of the boat under the bed i habe two 4.1 il6 alfas 1 external drive.boat cruse at 35 mph i modifit the transon strigers fuel tank and water tank any ? 786 278 2233

Rating -
Reviewed on Sep 26, 2009 by seemex from Vancouver, BC

Bayliner 2670 steering

I've had my 2670 since May and for the most part it's a great little cruiser. The only issue I have is the steering which is a little sloppy and worse at lower speeds. I agree with adding ballast forward as the boat is definitely over-weighted aft. The engine, fuel, holding tank and passengers are all situated at the rear. I'd appreciate hearing about any modifications that may aid this steering problem

Rating -
Reviewed on Sep 02, 2009 by Jerry from Fairbanks Alaska

Bayliner Explorer 2670 1981

WE have had ours since new in 81 - 29 years. Replaced volo engine after about 1200 hours. It was a timing belt nightmare. Put in a new volvo AQ211 290 (GM V8, 305 block) Single prop in about 1988. We have about 3000 hrs total on the boat out of Valdez AK. With modified, larger trim tabs at 3000 RPM we do 18 to 19 mph burning about 6 to 7 gph. Top end is about 27 mph - comfortable speed 14 to 16 on plane. Weight forward is critical. Also if your not careful at higher speeds and you force bow down too much you will corkscrew and really get a scare. Overall boat has been wonderful which is why we have had it so long. We use a Kerosun Lamplighter heater but would to go to a deisel stove for less clutter. Current issue is the Princess alchol stove which glows red but smells bad and burns you eyes. Just wish it was a foot wider.

Rating -
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2009 by dale from vancouver island

bayliner explorer

I love the boat have hade it for five years I dont do not know why buddy is thinking this boat only has a blue book value of 3000 dollors I think he would not no his head from his ass!

Rating -
Reviewed on Jul 20, 2009 by Ken from Alaska

1981 2670 with 125 AQ Volvo & 270 outdrive

Great Prince William Sound cruser. We go out to various places within 100 miles RT from Whittier. The 125 AQ is underpowered and 8 knots is about max speed for crusing. Have had 2 breakdowns with the timing belts. Great boat for inside space & layout. In a blow the forward seas are easy to handle but anything from the stearn or beam can be outright nerve racking to dangerous. I try to keep as much weight forward as possible for ease of handling and to increase boat speed. Once this motor and outdrive wear out I think we will replace with a 6 cylinder Mercruser. That should bring the semi-displacement hull up to a cruse speed of 10 knots without too much increase in gas consumption. We currently cruise with about a 2.5 kpg.

Rating -
Reviewed on May 24, 2009 by Fred Straw from Vancouver Island BC

1981 2670 Explorer Pleasantly surprised

My first ocean boat was a wooden exfish of 32'that I absolutely loved. We reloacted to Van Isle and I needed to replace my boat. I settled on the 2670 because I anticipated needing a trailerable boat. The interior layout is very roomy and easily accomodates my family and with a few modifactions she has become a serious sportfisher. She has the 4cyl volvo and I do not see it as underpowered. It is a semi displacement hull and handles all the weather I would care to be in and have been caught in. I have a cruise of 7 knots at 2500 rpm with around 2 gals/hour. I troll on the main and can spend a full day doing so fuel economy unequalled. I did put 200lbs of ballast in the bow and she really handles well. I did test her broadside in 6ft seas and 25knot winds, took them following and into and was happy with her handling. As for the other comments about steering it performs as any other displacements I have run. My kids have no problem handling her. Great boat if it fits your needs.

Rating -
Reviewed on May 19, 2009 by Russ R. from Washington

Layout of the boat

Where can I find a layout of this boat?

Rating -
Reviewed on Jan 17, 2009 by fabricator john from virginia

love it

we have had ours for 4 years,we spend every weekend from fri to sun on our boat its a perfect weekender,mine has a 4.3 vortec not underpowered,fuel? 8knts great - 27knts not so great car guys call that right foot senstive, ive added a 35" swimplatform and making her a walkthru in the spring,but thats because i cant help myself,we love our boat and spend most weekends on her.. john 2670 explorer "IPANEMA"

Rating -
Reviewed on Sep 01, 2008 by Steve from Hull , MA.

bayliner explorer 2670

GREAT BOAT FOR WHAT IT IS. SLOW SPEED HANDLING CAN BE IMPROVED WITH A WIDE DIAMETER PROP. I USE A 16 BY 13 PROP. JUST FITS. TOP END ABOUT THE SAME WITH VERY GOOD SLOW SPEED STEERING .I have had it 5 years.It is supposed to have a "slow" motor for that hull style. A bigger motor will give you straight line speed, but poor handling.

Rating -
Reviewed on Aug 23, 2008 by sue hert from stockton ca.

no boat

looking for a 2670 anyone have one for sale e-mail

Rating -
Reviewed on Aug 21, 2008 by neil from miami fl

bayliner explorer 1981 26.1

my 26 1981 explorer now isn't slow anymore I have a 5.7 L mercruiser and alfa1 external drive an now cruse at 38 mph .is hart to control at hi speed

Rating -
Reviewed on Apr 29, 2008 by Steve from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Bayliner Explorer 2670 1979

This is my first power boat. I'm used to sturdy sailboats, and the Explorer is a sturdy little boat! Mine's powered with a 4.3 Volvo that's a bit gas hungry, but overall I'm very happy with it. Following seas suck, but they do with most boats anyway. I don't understand where John from Tampa is getting his Bayliners from, but there is no rot in the stringers of my boat.

Rating -
Reviewed on Dec 23, 2007 by Jim Bennett from La Conner, WA

Very happy with my 2670

I looked at many boats before deciding on the 2670 Bayliner. I fell in love with her exterior design. She looks like a much more expensive trawler. Her interior is very spacious for an 8' beam. I saw 10' beam boats that did not feel as open and roomy inside as this boat. Great lighting inside. Handles very well in rough seas. I agree that cross winds make docking very sketchy because she is so light in the water. I have beached her on island shores in the San Juans to go ashore for a hike and she backs off the beach easily on her own. I have to agree also that they are under powered with the small 4cyl Volvo, but they do sip at the gas. Very reliable mechanically...

Rating -
Reviewed on Dec 19, 2007 by Richard from Quebec

Bayliner Explorer 2670 1980

Very interesting boat for its marine qualities (hold well in chop), inside space and luminosity. Very economical. My diesel version (Volvo 110 hp turbo, duoprop) averages 5,4 liters/hour at ± 8 knots. I had it for 14 years without any significant problem. It is a semidisplacement hull and you have to tolerate some steering «ambiguity» at lower speeds. At planning speed, above 12 knots, no more off this but noise level and connsumption onn the rise. Easy to single handle. Very good compromise if you can tolerate slow speed. Never heard about rot or structural problems and it is not Mercruiser but Volvo who powers these boats.

Rating -
Reviewed on Dec 16, 2007 by Jack Smith from PA

Been A good boat

Been a great boat for the money..

Rating -
Reviewed on Dec 09, 2007 by Cameron from Florida, St Johns River

Bayliner Explorer 2670

Great boat for live aboard. Cabin is very comfortable. Good fuel economy. Cruising range of at least 25 hours or 100 miles. Now for the bad. Very slow with 4 cylinder engine. Steering tends to be tricky to get to keep straight. Also the hardtop model which I have is very hot to drive in Florida summers. Overall, I would recommend this boat as a good economical family weekender boat

Rating -
Reviewed on Sep 25, 2007 by Kent Jansson from Falun, Sweden

Explorer 2670

Agree with all your comments, just love it but hate to be 100 % alert when steering.Anyone tried ballast in front of watertank? or another way to get her more steady steering? Any ideas write My 2670 i probably the only one in Sweden.Lake Runn Sweden ( check google erth) Thanks

Rating -
Reviewed on Sep 22, 2007 by Jess from Wenatchee Wa.

Bayliner 2670 Explorer

My first boat and first to Restore. I agree with most of the other reviews. I completely love the layout inside. I have taken the boat on several 5 day camp trips. I call it a Winneseago because it's like a Winnebaggo on Water. Great fuel consumption. Underpowered a bit, Hates following seas, A little hard to dock in the wind. Boat is like a sail. Love the look and great little camper. I did have it in a wind storm once. 55 mph. 65 gusts. Handled fine with wind and waves at head. Scary as heck from behind but only uncomfortable. A true tank.

Rating -
Reviewed on Sep 15, 2007 by Cameron from Florida

Bayliner Explorer 2670

Great cabin layout. Fairly stable in inland water Boat is under powered with 4 cylinder but awesome fuel economy. Has the North East Trawler look which I like I would like to swap in a V-8.

Rating -
Reviewed on Jun 02, 2007 by Matt from Lake Superior

Bayliner Explorer 23'

I owned one of these boats for a few years and was happy with it. I am a sailor so for the most part I deem any stinkpot not seaworthy but..I had the Bayliner out in gale conditions and it held it's own. Going into the seas is fine and dandy, but following seas are hairy. Beware. As beforementioned the boat is underpowered. But it held it's own in 12 foot chop without handling too eratic. Wide stern is a fault. High freeboard makes it prone to wind from the beam. Steering the boat was always "interesting". Very loose helm. On the plus side, a good family boat for protected water. Good for gunkholing. I had her floating in less than twelve inches of water with the I/O tilted and she navigated the shallows better than expected. Just stay in sight of shore. And always remember it is underpowered.

Rating -
Reviewed on Apr 07, 2007 by steve from boston, ma.

bayliner boats bayliner explorer (26' 1

great economical cruiser/weekender. diplacement hull is supposed to be slow and is not meant for power. good in a head on sea, but not with a high following sea. could use some ballast.

Rating -
Reviewed on Feb 11, 2007 by john from Tampa,Fl.

Bayliner Explorer 2670 1981

I have seen several of these boats and every one of them has a severe rot problem located under the floors and in the stringers. Its virtually impossible to locate unless you pull up the floors. One should check the stringers before purchasing. Also it is a very unstable and narrow boat for offshore. Beware structural problems as this boat is prone to severe rot issues. Book value is very low around $3000.00 tops. 4cyl mercuiser severly under powers this boat. Beware!

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